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The Alchemy of Landscape Photography

When you become a landscape photographer, in a way it runs close to becoming a magician of the natural world that surrounds us.

What do I mean by that?

Well, a magician cannot create the impossible, what he creates is the illusion to deceive the eye. In landscape photography, nature creates the magic, and were are the illusionists striving to enhance it's beauty and freeze the moment in time.

The truth is that it is never the real magic. From the moment we stare down the barrel of the lens, it becomes our interpretation, our story, our illusion.

It is that magic that draws me back to the landscape time and time again. The more I grow as a photographer and an artist, the more that landscape captivates me, and the more I search for that impossible moment.

The artwork painted by nature that appears so unreal, it can only be described as magic.

That art, that story that I write through colour and light, never ends at the click of the shutter. As much as nature paints the most beautiful picture, I am becoming more and more fascinated by the range of techniques that can be applied through the editing stage.

Very often this can be the most enjoyable part of capturing a photo, and usually the most time consuming. It is the space where I can push the boundaries of what the eye can see, and dare to believe in what a landscape can become.

It is the space where I can be most creative, where I can rewrite the magic and make the story mine.

If anyone was ever in doubt, then I would like you to believe that photography isn't just a point and click exercise. It isn't composed within the technology of the most expensive camera in the world.

It is written in heart of the artist, the photographer, who is merely writing a new story and hoping that you will read it.

Happy Reading.

Emma xx


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