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We're opening a pop-up photo studio!

Ever since we started taking photos under the Paper Dragons name, we have wanted to open up a photo studio. And now, we are doing just that.

Emma Williams doing Jazz Hands in the Dreamy Hill art space
Emma Williams doing Jazz Hands in the Dreamy Hill art space

Paper Dragons and Dreamy Hill, Emma's art business, will be sharing a storefront in Swansea town center. For two months, from November 9, we will be operating from a real, honest-to-goodness shop on Castle Street, thanks to some assistance from Popup Wales.

Dreamy Hill will be occupying the front of the store, while Paper Dragons will be in the back, behind some unexpectedly big saloon doors. That space will enable us to offer portraits to customers, in an easy to access location for the majority of people.

The space is fantastic, and while we aren't going to immediately operate from both floors at first, we do hope to take advantage of the bountiful space in our time there.

Yes, it's a blank wall at the moment. A backdrop will be there soon enough...
Yes, it's a blank wall at the moment. A backdrop will be there soon enough...

Obviously, these images show the store empty (we won't get the keys until shortly before opening) but imagine that the first one has Emma's art on the walls and on shelves. As for the second one, think of a large photography background and lights, and that you could be standing right in the middle of it all.

When we're up and running, clients (potentially you) can come in for an appointment for portraits. This could be headshots and normal portraits, but we will be able to acommodate couples, families, and others too. (Emma has also suggested pet portraits, if you're feeling brave about it)

We aren't going to be limited to the studio, as depending on what's needed, we may have to go to another location (e.g. if it happens to be sunny and someone really wants photos of themselves in front of the nearby fountain).

With Christmas coming up, we're also planning to get an appropriate background and props, so you could have images of little Tamara or little Bobby to stick onto cards, or simply to share with other people.

Businesses in the area can also get in touch for whatever their commercial needs are, which we can better fulfill with the studio space, and to also travel to them if they're nearby.

Of course, while you can come to see the Dreamy Hill artworks and pick some up whenever we're open, you will ideally need to book an appointment with Paper Dragons for photography work.

For portraits, we will be offering session packages, which you will be able to book appointments for in the near future. We'll have a page explaining the whole thing up soon.

For the next week and a half, it will be busy getting prepared for opening, and hopefully we'll get to see you soon for a session.

Things are about to get interesting.


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