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Welcome to 2022: An artsy start.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It's a new year, and so it's time for everyone to embrace a new "you," in whatever form that takes.

That could be exercise, it could be giving up alcohol and eating right. It could be anything.

The members of Paper Dragons had similar ideas, with a drive to use the year to go out more to take photographs. After the last two years, this will be the one where we get inundated with clients and various requests.

It seems that 2022 had different plans for us.

The opening week of the year, we took to be our relaxation period, to prime us for the months of work ahead. The second week in, and a positive COVID test meant we were stuck indoors for a week at least, and all our plans of outings to scenic places got delayed.

We didn't want to waste that time, so instead, we got in touch with our artistic side.

Emma, who did art at college, worked with oils, watercolours, and gold leaf to create great artworks.

I (Malcolm) am not an artist, and my week was spent making some markings on watercolour paper, and trying to make them look passable.

We certainly weren't doing what was planned, but we had an artistic week that probably helped boost our creativity a little bit, despite being confined.

Next week, we're (hopefully) free to roam once again, and potentially back in action with our cameras and a more artistic eye for a shot.

By the way: If you're a business or social enterprise who wants to start 2022 with a fresh new look, why not get in touch with us about our business services? We might surprise you with what we can offer.


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