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Paper Dragons is a creative photography studio founded in 2020 by Emma Williams and Malcolm Owen.


We are creative professionals working in photography and videography, among other mediums, with a focus on commercial work and portraiture.


Based in Swansea, South Wales, we have beauty on our doorstep in the form of the local countryside and coastline, which we have avidly captured in landscape and urban photography

We've also got a fondness for animals and pets, which often become the subject of impromptu photo shoots. 

We have backgrounds in fine art and in journalistic photography for publications, which are able to inform our shoots and edits for creative product photography.

And of course, portraits and candid shots of personal events are also an important part of our repertoire.

Through arresting visuals, we aim to provide a view of the world, the sights of the local area, and the people who live in it, all through the camera lens.

In short: We want to make you look great.

Get in touch if you want our services for you or your business. 

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