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Make others envious of your perfect holiday portrait and Christmas cards!

We're just a month away from Christmas day, and it's about this time that people will start to think about Christmas presents and Christmas cards.

The first one's easy to sort out, as almost everyone loves shopping for stuff and has a plan for that.

Cards? They're an afterthought. It's likely you're gonna just pick up the cheapest cards on the supermarket shelf, as that'll do.

However, when you see the collection of cards, there's always that thought in the back of the mind that everyone else has done a lot better with their cards than you. Going for the basic cards will make you seem cheap and unimaginitive, unless you add some money to the card.

Emma Williams, in a white Santa hat, in front of our background.
Emma Williams, in a white Santa hat, in front of our background. Snow entirely optional.

Or, you could blow everyone else's Christmas card out of the water with a better one. A personalized card.

One that shows you, looking happy either on your own or with loved ones in front of a traditional-looking roaring fire.

Funnily enough, we can help you with that.

We are holding Christmas micro sessions at our pop-up studio in Swansea for £30, where we will take portraits of you in front of our large fireplace backdrop.

After the session, which can be up to 15 minutes in length, we will select a few shots that can go through editing, and are provided to you as digital images for sharing on social media. Yes, you could even get prints made of them, just like other portrait sessions.

Even better, we will create a pack of ten A6 Christmas cards featuring your selected and edited shots, which can be picked up within a few days.

The card pack is included as part of the £30 price, but if you need more, we can arrange that. Each 10-card pack beyond the initial 10 is an additional £15.

If making others Grinch-green with envy while also creating a great keepsake sounds like a good idea, get in touch with us and book a Christmas micro session now!


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