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The pop-up photo studio is now open!

Last time, I told you about the studio space Dreamy Hill and Paper Dragons is sharing in the middle of Swansea. Now, I can tell you that we're open and prepared for business.

Emma's Dreamy Hill art studio is out the front, all laid out and ready to accept customers looking at her artwork.

Meanwhile, Paper Dragons has opened its pop-up photo studio in the room immediately to the rear.

We've got everything we need to take portrait shots, including multiple backgrounds (with the one pictured being the flashiest and classic-looking of the bunch), lights, and a stool.

I've even dragged down my Mac and a monitor, so I can shoot tethered and immediately show clients the results on a larger screen. Shooting tethered has its benefits, including immediately seeing things that need to be corrected, showing customers images so they can be more at ease, and also to aid with selecting pictures at the end of the shoot.

Being in the middle of Swansea, located on Castle Street, also brings with it quite a few benefits. For consumer clients, it's easy to find and access the studio space, and one where they don't have to invite a stranger into their home.

It's also a benefit for any potential business clients too, as our location makes it a lot easier to access anyone who needs our services in town, whenever or wherever they may need it.

All we need now are people who want to have new portraits taken.

To help encourage custom, we're offering consumer clients a 20% discount on session fees for any of our portrait packages (excluding print costs, but they're optional and frankly quite cheap...) for the first five people to book.

If you want to be among the first here and stand a chance at that discount, then you really should get in touch, either online or in person. I (Malcolm) am at the studio space Wednesday to Friday, so feel free to pop down and sit on our softer-than-expected couch for a chat about what you want.


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